The Charming-Yet-Infrequent Newsletter-Independence Day Edition!

We Left The Mother Country


We’re back with our own website,! You can see the new strip daily at our sister site,, but we wanted to create a home for our Tune-In Tuesday and Furry Friday features, as well as have a store where you can more easily buy prints and comic books. We won’t have searchable archives like before, but if you’re looking for a print, email us and we’ll get you the date!

(Note: A premium subscription to our sister site gets readers an ad-free experience, full access to the archives, and your fave comics emailed to you each morning. At $19.99, that’s four lattes— which ain’t a latte!)

What, Me Worry?


Comics and satire are taking a beating. MAD magazine just ceased publication. A few days before that, the progressive comics site The Nib lost its media partner, and will rely on subscriptions. A few weeks before that, The New York Times dropped all of its editorial cartoons in its international edition. They’d already stopped printing editorial cartoons domestically. Check out Washington Post’s online editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes’ take on the state of editorial cartoons in the fourth estate.

Circling The Wagons And Toasting Marshmallows

With all the rough news about the business, cartoonists still have a little fun with one another. Ann Telnaes included cameos of some female cartoonists in her online comic, Mo. Among the crowd at the bar are Sara Thaves, Amy Lago, Barbara Dale, Cathy Guisewite, Signe Wilkinson, Teresa Roberts Logan, Hilary Price and Maria Scrivan. (I’m in the lower left!)


Snuffy Smith invited a few of his Comics Kingdom friends in Snuffy’s 100th birthday celebration. In my imagination, we are the US women’s national soccer team…


We Got a Clue

What with the New York Times dropping its editorial cartoons, the timing of this clue in a recent Sunday crossword was bittersweet!


The Latest At The Center for Cartoon Studies


The Center For Cartoon Studies is where I teach single panel cartooning every June, and these folks are always doing interesting things around cartooning. Their latest project is to drive around the country to classrooms and talk about how democracy works, using the comic they created. Here’s their kickstarter.

I had a great time teaching folks from all over how to draw single panel gag cartoons. Mark your calendars for next June and come enjoy 4 days in Vermont!

Speaking Gigs


I’m one of those rare birds who like talking in front of people. If you are interested in an evening of funny stories, thoughts on creativity and live drawing, contact me at

Thanks, everyone, for tuning in!