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It’s Charming-Yet-Infrequent-Newsletter time!

Hi Folks!

Happy Halloween!  This year I am going as a giant chicken.  My partner is going as a road.  I’ll post photos on the Rhymes With Orange Facebook page on the big night.

Click HERE to see my Jack-O-Lantern VideoMy Jack-O-Lantern Video


I’ll be in Providence this coming Saturday, and hosting folks in my studio the following weekend! Here are the details:


I’m emcee-ing the Quick Draw at the Rhode Island Comic Con!  What’s a Quick Draw? Three super-speedy cartoonists go mano-a-mano and Sharpie-to-Sharpie to create great cartoon art right before your very eyes. As MC,  I’ll be throwing the  curve ball challenges while the audience sees Maria Scrivan (Half Full), Rick Stromoski (Soup to Nutz), and Mark Parisi (Off The Mark, Marty Pants)  draw at breakneck speed!

Room 552A – Rhode Island Convention Center 5th Floor

I’ll be at the National Cartoonist Society Booth signing books before and after the show.


It’s my annual Open Studio Event!  Come say hi, laugh, and drink wine out of Dixie cups!  50+ artists and craftspeople open their doors to the public.  It’s a great way to meet artists and shop local!

My studio address: 221 Pine St. 4th floor (Suite 414) Florence, MA 01062

And hot off the presses for Open Studios, this dandy lil’ collection:

Open Studios guest appearance: The NOTORIOUS B.U.Z. (my mom)



Isn’t he a heart throb?


Photo by Mark Weiss.  Available for sale.

Photo by Liz “Pink Eye”  Kemp.


This summer I visited Rina Piccolo, my collaborator on Rhymes With Orange.

Here she is at her studio at an undocumented location in Canada.

While waiting for lunch, we went back and forth on this comic jam.  You will be able to see more fun stuff like this at our new INSTAGRAM account: rhymeswithorangecomic


Never walk out of the room when making popcorn.

Thanks for tuning in!  Hope to see you this November!


P.S. Psst! Reminder– new Instagram account: rhymeswithorangecomic

Purim Some Wine: A Charming-Yet-Infrequent Newsletter

Greetings From My-Knee-Is-In-A-Stupid-Brace-Land,

In this newsletter:

  • A Purim Tell All
  • Speaking Gig in SF March 14
  • My Dashed Olympic Skiing Career
  • Toronto Comics Arts Fest
  • Two Spring Cartooning Classes
  • The DL On The LOC


A few days ago was Purim, the Jewish holiday where you dress up in your favorite king/queen/bad guy outfit to celebrate a story that reads like a Shakespeare play.  My summary below:

A queen is killed, a new queen found, the King’s right hand man wants the King to kill all the Jews because he hates this one guy.  But the new queen is secretly Jewish, and the hated guy is actually her uncle, and she tells the King, who concurrently finds out the hated guy saved the king from a murder plot,  and on the day the hated-but-good guy is supposed to be hanged, the right hand man gets hanged instead.

My three favorite things about this holiday:

1.The Fanfare:  I love kids in costumes.  When I was a kid, you came as one of the characters.  It’s since expanded.  Meet my friend Ari, as The Purimium Falcon…

2.  The food:  DELICIOUS triangle-shaped cookies called Hamantaschen that my mom (aka The Notorious B.U.Z.) just sent in the mail.  The right hand man’s name was Haman, and the word “taschen” means either ears or pockets, depending on who you ask.

3. The Drink:  Purim is a drinking holiday.  While the story’s read aloud, you swill wine and boo when the bad guy Haman’s name comes up, and cheer when the good guy’s name (Mordecai) comes up.  The point is to get so drunk you can’t tell one from the other.  Actually, that’s not the point– the point is to know what it feels like to have such impaired judgement that you can’t distinguish good leaders from bad.

WAIT A SECOND…was our last election some big terrible Purim party?!

Speaking of Purim, I’ll be talking about cartooning and being Jewish at my…


Please come, and Invite your friends with this Facebook event page:


Sadly, I didn’t actually partake in a Purim party.  I was at the sports medicine doctor.

Rewind to February school break: Kristin and I went to visit crackerjack political cartoonist Jen Sorensen and her spouse in the Rockies.

We worked, skied, ate and watched the Olympics.

The Parkland School shooting had happened.  Here’s Jen’s cartoon for that week. (Used with her permission.)  She was also a guest RWO cartoonist back in 2011.

To deal with our sorrow and get some fresh mountain air, I decided to literally go for air while downhill skiing.  Then I landed wrong. And my Pyeongchang Olympic freestyle competition fantasy dreams also landed wrong.  So the knee is in a brace.

Fast forward to a few days ago:   I went in for an MRI, except that’s not what I said to the receptionist.  Instead I said: “I’m here to get an IUD for my knee.”

If you haven’t gotten an MRI, the machine looks like a giant toilet paper roll, and you’re the toilet paper rod inserted into the center of it. You’re supposed to lie very still while the machine takes pictures while making loud clanging noises, like radiator pipes.    They give you headphones to wear and a choice of music.  That turned out to be the most painful part, because I chose classical, and it was wretched.  Oh, and I did bleed a little…from my face.  Because my cheek started to itch while I lay motionless, and then when I could finally move, well, there went the scab.

Hopefully knee and face will mend quickly.


That’s my plan for May 12-13 as a guest at the Toronto Festival of Comic Arts!

I’ll be sharing the stage with my awesome collaborator Rina Piccolo as we discuss our first year together. Fittingly, the paper anniversary! Details to come.


Saturday April 14: One day workshop in Burlington VT at Fleming Museum

Monday-Thursday June 11-14: Four day Workshop in White River Junction VT at The Center For Cartoon Studies


I went to the Library of Congress in DC to see a RWO strip in the current exhibit on Women in Illustration. That was neat.  What was also neat was the nearby exhibition of courtroom artists.


Get this– Kristin’s brother and his pals all pitched in and got their other buddy a courtroom sketch artist for his wedding!

So that wraps it up–thanks for tuning in to the Charming-Yet-Infrequent Newsletter!


March 2018


The Trip, The Strip, The Tip

The Trip

Over two weeks in August, my sweetie and I drove from California to Massachusetts, the long way. We visited the largest tree in the world, floated through the Grand Canyon, toured by the incredible Anasazi ruins, and took in the Badlands of South Dakota with more Harley riders than I knew existed.

Here are some pics:

The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD– I loved this place!

The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Rains had stirred up the water so it looked like the Chocolate River in Willy Wonka.

The Hualapai Indian tribe leads the one-day rafting trip in The Grand Canyon.

The Badlands of South Dakota. We were joined by some of 700,000 Harley riders who attended the Harley rally in nearby Sturgis, SD.

Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. This Cliff Palace housed 150 people from the year 1200 to 1300.

The General Sherman Giant Sequioa– the largest tree in the world.

The Strip

So while I was out exploring, I entrusted the very talented cartoonist Rina Piccolo to take over the reigns for the week. Rina is so prolific that she not only draws her own daily strip, Tina’s Groove, she is part of the sextet of cartoonists in Six Chix, has cartoons in The New Yorker and Parade magazine, and draws an online comic called Velia, Dear. She makes my head spin and I am so grateful to her for lending her talents. Her work appears all this week in Rhymes With Orange.

The Tip

AACK!! Cathy is retiring in October! Check out Shaenon Garrity’s thoughtful essay on Cathy Guisewite’s retirement from cartooning, and the pioneering role the strip played. Through the National Cartoonist Society, I’ve had the pleasure to meet Cathy Guisewite. She is a funny writer and a gracious, thoughtful, generous person. She is very classy. I am certain we will see more ink from her in a non-cartoon format.

A Call To Action

As for the comics page– who will fill Cathy-the-comic-strip character’s two-inch heels? While there are only a handful of female cartoonists, we would all like to see if that shoe fits. So a call to action– if Rhymes With Orange is not in your paper and Cathy is, please dash off an e-mail to your editor in support of the strip. I will start practicing walking in heels the second I’m done writing this.

Thanks for tuning in!