My Dog, My Bling

Heady times this spring, bling-wise, for my cartooning and burgeoning ice hockey career.

Over Memorial Day, I went to the National Cartoonists Society annual Reuben awards weekend. Mostly, we sit at the bar and use up more than our fair share of cocktail napkins– either by doodling on them or by wiping up the things we’ve spilled on shirts. (As a group, we don’t get out much.)

There is a fancy black tie dinner on Saturday night and Rhymes With Orange took home the award for Best Cartoon Panel of 2012. (It’s not for one single cartoon, but the body of work over the year.)

Here is my dog Rocky modeling the award:

It is a heavy honking plaque, weighing in at over 2 pounds:

As you can see, beautiful women flock to me when I win awards:

As do very handsome men:
The gang 1

Lightning Strikes Twice

The Reuben award was the second big prize, as earlier in the spring my women’s recreational ice hockey team, The Pioneer Valley Vipers, took home the trophy in its D division tournament. (D is a hair up from the recreational division.)

To show you how awesome it is, we went over to my pal Mo Willems‘ house to compare it to his trophies. See how it towers over Mo’s Emmy awards for his work on Sesame Street.
(Not shown: Mo’s other two Emmys.)

All in all, two mammoth events. And to think you hadn’t heard of them until now.

My Lavish Lavish Lifestyle

As a cartoonist, you can get tired of all the perks– having a new kitten delivered to your door every day, going to the grocery store in your glitter-covered jumbo jet. But then every so often, something lands on your door step that really makes your heart race: two pounds of coffee! The kind folks at kinetic koffee roasters sent it to me after I did this coffee strip. Turns out they have a blend of the same name. Thanks guys!



Now, With A Working Link: The Velvety Voice of Tall Tale Radio

Tom Racine is the voice behind Tall Tale Radio, a weekly podcast where he interviews all flavors of cartoonists– from print and web to animation and film.

Recently, we spoke about cartooning and pets and ice hockey. After we wrapped up, I looked down and saw that my cat Seltzer had left me a “present” he had hunted from the back yard. So thoughtful, that cat.

Click HERE to listen to the interview.