8 thoughts on “October 2, 2012

  1. Now I KNOW you are the goddess of all cartoonists! I love your pet cartoons, and I laugh at your look-into-my-quirky-mind cartoons, and I enjoy sending your various occupations cartoons to my friends and family. But to parody Poe – now I know you have seen into my being. I’ve always wanted to do “The Raven.” (The farthest I got was “The Pasture” by Robert Frost.) Thank you for today’s comic!

  2. Wow! The best I’ve encountered in years. Clever, literary, funny. It was published in the Toronto Star, and I just had to clip it out and post on my bulletin board. I haven’t done that since the mid-90s. Keep up the brilliant and inspired work.

  3. This one is a clipout and post for sure. What a funny, sweet idea. And who doesn’t love the a.a.milne pooh stories and characters, especially Eeyore. Thanks for starting me off with a smile this morning, Hilary.

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