9 thoughts on “December 29, 2012

  1. Saw today’s strip (12/29/12) – that’s my 110lb Bernese Mt Dog Gracie! She is the ultimate sit on your feet, lean into you dog! Loved it!

  2. And I guess it’s no accident that the dog saying that has the coloring of a Bernese Mountain Dog! 🙂

    I like most of your comics, but I love, love, love your animal ones.

  3. When a dog leans against you and steps on your foot it is NOT showing affection; it is showing DOMINANCE. In this case the dog is asserting it’s dominance over you; it is acting as the pack ALPHA. This is indicative of a poor relationship with your dog. The humans in the family must all be alphas above the dog otherwise, eventually, there will be behavioural problems from the dog.

    Just saying …

      • Above comment is based on outdated thinking re animal behavior. See “Animals Make Us Human,” by Temple Grandin. This strip is maybe my favorite ever of yours! I posted a link to it on my FB page, and told several Big Dog human friends about it out at the lead free area where we run our dogs. They too laughed and laughed. My two big Golden Retrievers do this, all Big Dogs do this.

  4. This is sooo true! You could add, ‘. . . and sit on their feet because then they can’t move and they have to pat you.’ We have a 14-month/70 lb. puppy — a ‘Rez Dog’ (rescue from a First Nations reserve). She’s the biggest, goofiest girl — looks a lot like the dog on the left. Thanks!

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