The Moth Story Slam Last Night– I Mothed It!

Photo Nov 19, 9 26 51 AM

I love The Moth Radio Hour, and lucked into being one contestants last night in the Brattleboro, VT Moth Story Slam. The theme of the the night was “last minute.”
My five minute horror tale (about last minute items I got at the grocery store before a big date) got the high score, which means I get to tell a different story (theme not yet known) in Burlington, VT this winter for their Grand Story Slam. There’s no guarantee that last night’s story will be available for viewing. If it is, I will post about it.
Oh, and I liked the MC of the evening. Her name is Hillary as well (but spelled with two “L”s), and she also cartoons! But she’s more known for her stand up comedy–check out Hillary Boone.

To celebrate the win, I treated myself to some new hot wheels cars at the grocery store this morning.

Photo Nov 19, 12 15 24 PM

By the way, my Open Studios event a couple weekends ago was big fun, and I got to draw on an ankle cast. I also got a $5 bill from 1953! Check out the difference:

Photo Nov 17, 12 07 25 PM

The Havoc: A Pet Photo Essay

This is the one responsible for starting the chain of destruction.
Photo Jan 23, 11 42 34 AM

As you can see, he is not a law-abiding:Photo Feb 13, 11 34 49 AMPhoto May 01, 2 49 35 PM

Due to this questionable character, he often catching these, who for some reason think hanging out on my screen, in EASY pouncing reach, is a good way to spend the afternoon.

Photo Nov 06, 11 21 48 AM

The cat likes to bring the live chipmunk inside the house through the cat door and let it go. For him, the game is over.

And now it is the dog’s turn, and in the excitement of the chase, the living room explodes. This is where I come home and arrive upon the scene.

Photo May 05, 11 36 10 AM

The chipmunk finds safety by squeezing between two faces of the sliding door:

Photo May 05, 11 52 42 AM

Using an assortment of kitchen utensils, I safely remove the chipmunk, and release him outside.

Where he runs up the gutter.

Photo Sep 25, 4 11 29 PM

I did not think this was an issue, as my dog has never been able to catch a chipmunk, inside OR outside the house.  I did not realize how frustrating this was to him until several days later.

Photo Sep 24, 11 07 14 AM