Rhymes With Orange on Twitter

Look who’s dipping their toes into the 21st century? Heck, if you want in on the charming-yet-infrequent posts about the comic strip and other goings on, you can follow me and my trail of pet hair on Twitter. I’m on as “Hilary_Price”. Mind you, I will only tweet about fascinating things, as opposed to what I had for breakfast, unless that in itself was fascinating. (Which today definitely was– an omelette with basil, tomato, cheddar, and the secret, special, make-it-magic ingredient… cream cheese. Try it.)

Sunny  Side Up

Philly Pholks, here you go

E-mails keep coming from Philly Inquirer readers since they’ve stopped running Rhymes With Orange. Since finding the link on the Inquirer site is no easy task, here it is. If you are an Inquirer reader, please pop them a note or give a call. Be sure to include your name and snail mail address so they know you’re the real deal. As always, be gentle, yet firm.

And since you guys missed the annual Passover strip…

passover 2009