I wanna be be… St. Francis of Assisi…

Got friends in central Pennsylvania? Rhymes With Orange is running against Lio for a slot in the Patriot News. Let your Penn pals know about the poll, but please, only vote if you live there. St. Hiliancis thanks you! http://blog.pennlive.com/life/2010/09/vote_on_the_comic_strip_that_w.html

Voting ends this friday!

Chicks Dig Me, But Will Central Pennsylvania?

Rhymes With Orange is in the running to replace Cathy at The Patriot News in Central PA. Please alert your Penn pals about the poll, but please, only vote if you read The Patriot News. Poll ends this Friday, Sept. 17.

This photo from a visit to the Retreat Farm Petting Zoo in Brattleboro, VT this past Sunday.

G-Stringing You Along

Talking and drawing are intermixed in this video, which my local paper put together this August for the strip’s 15th anniversary. At 1:45 you will be a shot of my giant dog. I guarantee partial nudity, but just on paper…

This video is part of a larger feature story The Northampton Gazette wrote this August. You can read the whole interview here.