The Early/Late Christmas Gift, Part 2

Apparently, my happy tale of my car keys getting returned to me 5 years later (see previous blog post) begs the question, “HOW did they get returned to me?”

Fine.  You have a point.

They were found in an abandoned filing cabinet in the hallway of my building.  (I did not put them there.)  The kind person who found the keys took them to the supermarket and had the service desk scan the shopping card.  My name came up.  Turns out, we know each other.  Her studio is four doors down from mine.  She inherited the cabinet from the person who had her studio before her, and it’s sole purpose for these last many years was to hold a potted plant on top of it and stand next to the entrance of the men’s bathroom.

She returned the keys to me by unlocking my studio with my studio key (also on the ring) and kindly depositing them with a note.


A Christmas Gift, Both Early And Late

My lost keys were recently returned to me.  From 2008.  I know this because I no longer own the car that one of the keys belongs to.  So if you meet the Hippy Boy who bought Chompers, my ’96 Corolla (Hippy Boy was last seen driving west to Minnesota when he pulled out of my driveway lo those many years ago), please pass this on.

Dear Hippy Boy,

If you are reading this, I have a spare key to Chompers.  I also have the bar that holds the screen that shields the contents of the way back seat, but that’s been in my basement this whole time.


This early/late Christmas present reminds me of this strip from 2011: