Stuff that Stocking with A Cartooning Class

Hi All!

This is the stocking my mom sewed and I decorated around forty years ago.  As you can see, my artistic prowess shines through.  So it shouldn’t surprise you that I’ll be teaching TWO art classes in 2017, both one week workshops on single panel cartooning.  The March one is online, the June one is in person in Vermont.

Register for the online class by January 3, 2017 and get 15% off tuition.  The class is March 6-10.  There isn’t a set time to be “at class,” just new assignments and lessons and feedback posted every day.

The in-person class is at The Center For Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT from June 5-8. 


Need Hanukkah cards? You can order them online, with free shipping, even for a single card!

Mr. Potatohead with The Noble Works Card Company:

And also this Menorah one from Noble Works:


There’s also my mini-collection of Jewish-themed strips, Hanukkomics:

And for Non-Denominational Cat Lovers, Catacomics


Finally, if you have a fave strip, you can always get a nice framed print of it!

So that’s what I got.  More than anything, I hope your holidays are filled with kindness and laughter.



Come Visit Me in My Studio This Weekend!


  • Sat & Sun, Nov 12 & 13
  • 10am-5pm, both days
  • Brushworks Arts & Industry Bldg
  • 221 Pine St. Suite 414, Florence, MA 01062


Slog on up to the 4th floor,  then rehydrate with teeny cups of wine.  50 artists and artisans will also have their studios open.  So fun to snoop!   Cartoons prints, postcards, greeting cards and books available for that fun holiday gift.

(If you have mobility issues, there is an elevator, but there are also 8 stairs you need to get down.)

Note:  The Notorious B.U.Z. (my mom Buzzy) will be there both days, but she leaves early on Sunday at 1.  You don’t want to miss her.

Here’s the Facebook page for the event. See you there!

Autumn Edition: The Charming-Yet-Infrequent Newsletter!

Howdy Friends!

In this issue:

  • -Three Fun Projects I Already Did
  • -Two Events Coming Up
  • -Two Cool Things From Readers
  • -Discount for the March online Cartooning Class- Register by Oct. 1st!

Fun Project #1:


Collaborated with The Wine Coach, Laurie Forster, for her article, “7 People You Don’t Want to Be at a Wine Festival.”  

Fun Project #2

Going to my 25th college reunion this October.  For this year’s class reunion book, I told the story of what happened when I went to the 20th reunion.stanford-25th-reunion-page_hilaryprice_classof1991Fun Project #3That was interviewing Mo Willems at The Ohio State University, and checking out original artwork by Bill Watterson and B. Kliban.  Here we are with Jenny Robb, head honcho at the Billy Ireland Museum of Cartoon Art.


These two Calvin and Hobbes strips were part of the submission packet Bill Watterson sent in to try and get syndicated.  You can’t see Calvin’s eyes because he covers them in bangs.  On his editor’s advice, this gets changed by the time the strip is launched in papers.  And doesn’t Calvin’s silhouette look a lot like Charlie Brown?img_4686

I remember being a little kid at the town pool and seeing a towel with this cat on it, and loving it.  Shows how licensing isn’t all evil– it introduced me to B. Kliban’s work, and I’ve been a fan ever since.    img_4693img_4698-1

Bonus Art! This is the first transgender character to appear in comics, in Milton Caniff’s Terry and The Pirates.  She’s a woman who dresses like a man, speaks in a French accent, and, surprise… is evil.  (How far we’ve come since these stereotypes!  Oh wait– never mind.) Here she is in 1929 trying to abduct a small innocent girl.



Put these two local events on your calendar.  I’ll be participating in both:

I’m trying to choose my outfit for these.  What do you think?


I’m going to get some special cream so the lady growing out of my shoulder is gone by the time I see you at these events.

Two Cool Emails From Readers:

A fan took one of my strips and turned it into crop art for the Minnesota State Fair!  Thanks Robin Davis!  Love it!


Email #2screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-5-50-11-pmJack D. wrote: “So these are concrete poems, a style of poetry that emerged from what was called pattern poetry. This two poems remind me of your Nope cartoon. Concrete poetry was a world-wide phenomenon, but mostly in Europe, South America, and Canada/US. These two poems are from An Anthology of Concrete Poetry, edited by Emmett Williams, which came out in the late ’60s. There are still some practitioners.”



Early Registration Discount for my Online Cartooning Class March 6-10


Here’s the class description.

Here’s the discount link if you register by Oct 1st!

It’s about drawing and writing single panel cartoons.  Prepare to get fire-hosed with tips and tricks and get personal feedback from me.

Thanks for tuning in!  See you in November!