Being A Grand Marshal At A Parade…Is Good Exercise


The 2014 Toonfest Parade in Marceline, Missouri!

Marceline is where Walt Disney spent formative years in his childhood, and was deeply affected by the town.  Every year Marceline sponsors Toonfest, where professional cartoonists are invited to town and treated like royalty.  We spoke to the 400 high school students about our craft and got to tour the amazing Walt Disney Hometown Museum.

And, best of all, we got to be Grand Marshals in the parade…


This photo series was shot by the amazing editorial cartoonist Steve Artley, one of the other honored guests at Toonfest.  In addition to editorial cartoons, he’s launching a Twilight Zone type series of illustrated stories called The Aphelion Arc.

The other Grand Marshal this year were cartoonists Bill Hinds, Eddie Pittman and Guy Gilchrist.

We had a blast at Toonfest!


7 thoughts on “Being A Grand Marshal At A Parade…Is Good Exercise

  1. We wanted to give you the bet small-town experience ever…! You are a good sport and a lot of fun! Come back anytime, and we’ll give you a back-up truck!

    • Chris,
      My FAVORITE part of the pushing the truck was talking to the twelve year old boy helping me, who said, “I’m a Ford man. If this were a Ford, we wouldn’t be pushing it right now…”

  2. Ha! Does the kid not know FORD stands for “Fix Or Repair Daily.” Of course GMC is “Garage Man’s Companion.” My Uncle Art was a Chrysler man,so those were the only two he told me. (My Dad was a Chevy man.)

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