Hey, Where Did Everyone Go?


After a packed and wonderful Open Studio event this weekend, it’s awfully quiet here.  I miss you guys. Thanks everyone for making it so special!

I sold out of Hanukkomics, but you can order them online here:



BUT, if you live nearby and want some copies, I ordered more from the printer and they should arrive on the Monday before Thanksgivukah.  They are $7.  You should be able to pick them up in my studio on Tuesday, barring any glitches from the post office.  Contact me via the contact form.



2 thoughts on “Hey, Where Did Everyone Go?

  1. Would have loved to order several copies from IndyPlanet but the site forces you to sign up for Paypal (even if paying by credit card), which I do not want to do. Sorry. Love the strip!

  2. Ordered mine a week or so ago for a friend for her annual Hanukkah party – can’t wait for it to arrive – I know she’ll get a total charge out of it. Thanks!

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