Come Visit Me At My Studio!



I’m having my annual Open House, and you’re invited!  We can hang out, eat candy, take turns sitting at the drawing table and breathe in eraser dust.  I will have cartoon prints for sale and other holiday gifts, and I may even shower for the occasion!

And once you tire of me, you can check out the 50 other artists and craftspeople that have opened their studios this special weekend.

WHEN:  Nov. 9th & 10th, 10 am-5 pm

WHERE:  221 Pine St., Suite 414 Florence, MA 01062

WHY:  You see me everyday in your paper.  I never get to see you.

HOW:  By going up four flights of stairs and taking a few lefts and rights.  But there is an elevator in the back of the building if your knees aren’t what they used to be.

WHAT’S NEW:  Hanukkomics– the debut of my comic book collection featuring Jewish-themed strips.  A perfect Hanukkah/Thanksgiving hostess gift!

WHO: Me.  You.  Your friends.  My mom, Buzzy.  You don’t want to miss Buzzy.


9 thoughts on “Come Visit Me At My Studio!

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  2. Hey! If I didn’t live on the other side of the continent, I would SO come to visit! I love your work and even when I travel, I log into my local paper to read your comic strip. You ROCK!

  3. D’OH! I live minutes away, I could easily bike to your studio, but I’m jumping on a plane Saturday morning to attend a wedding in South Dakota. If you started a little earlier, say… 5:30 am, I could make it. No? What if I brought coffee and muffins?

    BTW, is your contact form working? Spurred by the text in your book Pithy Seedy Pulpy Juicy I invited you to join me at work for a day but I never heard back. Maybe I scared you off…

    • Goodness no! I would love to join you for take-your-cartoonist-to-work day!! I just got tied up with other things and it slipped my mind! (I get a lot of email and things fall through the cracks.) Can I go sometime after the first of the year?

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