Rhymes With Orange: The Food Issue


So my alumni magazine asked me to write the back page article on their issue devoted to food and foodies. Concurrently, James Branson sent me this video of my strip and his two labs. (Based on the video and the article, I realize I might be a lab.)

The Video:

This is the strip in the video:


The two stars are Kelsy and Komu, search dogs for Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue. Kelsy searches for dogs and Komu searches for cats.

The Article For Stanford Magazine July/August 2013

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

What we talk about when we talk about what’s for dinner.

By Hilary B. Price

My toaster has two settings—burnt and off. There’s a reason I am good at stir-fries and bad at omelets—I have difficulty with the idea of low heat over an extended period of time. Extended as in 7 minutes.

There are those who live to eat. Go enjoy the rest of this magazine, devoted this month to your kind. For those who eat to live, welcome to this small oasis on the back page. It’s a place for people whose idea of prepping a meal means pulling the lid off the yogurt. READ MORE…



9 thoughts on “Rhymes With Orange: The Food Issue

  1. Great article, Hilary! I’m a “competent but don’t enjoy it” type of cook myself. I put together some pretty weird meals at times and I have come to coin the phrase “pantry potluck”. That’s when I pull out several cans and dump them all into one pot. The results can be surprisingly pleasing … to me. 😀

  2. Wow. Came for the cooking jokes, stayed for the life lesson. “What women want is participation, not deference.”

    I thought I was being a *better* partner by being flexible, allowing her to choose what she really wanted. My whole life as been a lie…..

    Thanks for the wake-up call.

  3. I love the anecdote about participation vs. deference!

    I’m bisexual, and when I had my first-in-a-long-while relationship with a man after a three-year relationship with a woman ended, there was a bit of culture shock. Whenever my girlfriend and I tried to figure out how we wanted to spend our time, it was a fairly lengthy negotiation, because we weren’t just trying to figure out what to do, we were also trying to demonstrate that neither of us wanted to control the other, that both of us were open to new ideas, that we were each willing to compromise, and things like that. So such a negotiation with my girlfriend went something like this:

    Me: What do you want to do tonight?
    Girlfriend: I don’t know, what do you want to do?
    Me: They’re showing “Lianna” at the university film series. We’ve seen it before, but it might still be fun.
    Girlfriend: I’d be happy to do that if you want, or there’s a women’s dance at the community center.
    Me: Oh, let’s do that.
    Girlfriend: Are you sure? I wouldn’t mind seeing “Lianna” again, if you’d rather do that.
    Me: No, I didn’t know about the women’s dance; that sounds even better.
    Girlfriend: Okay. It starts at 9.

    When I first started seeing my boyfriend, such negotiations went like this:

    Boyfriend: What would you like to do tonight?
    Me: I don’t know, what would you like to do?
    Boyfriend: “Dr. Strangelove” is playing at the university. Get your coat.
    Me: But, but, you’ve skipped all the important steps.
    Boyfriend: (honest confusion)

    Subtext — women usually have some. 🙂

    • “subtext – women usually have some” – would make a great gmail status message — mind if I steal it?!
      BTW – did everyone notice what amazing shiny coats those labs have?? Their eating may be strange to us but it seems to be good for them…
      Is there another life lesson here?

  4. I love, love all of your work. I’ve started clipping them to keep to show
    to friends – Crime Scene fab, plus The Table, Wi-fi, The Title, The Bars
    of Silicon Valley, , Option B. You have a fabulous knack for zeroing in
    on our everyday lives! Many thanks.

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