My School Girl Crushes, Plus a Survey


Before we get to the crushes: Thanks for taking the survey!  The folks at King are all set and happy.

And now for the juicy stuff:

I moderated a Women and Cartooning Panel at the Pittsburgh Toonseum over Memorial Day weekend, and fell totally in love with my four panelists– Lynn Johnston, Cathy Guisewite, Terri Libenson and Jen Sorensen.

Here’s me, on a chair, proclaiming that publicly. They were very gracious, as they were probably used that kind of thing. (Note:  I lifted this photo off of Curls creator  Carolyn Belefski’s blog.)



They drew while they spoke, and it was magic:

Here’s Lynn’s:




Lynn told us that she has a house full of hot wheels cars and toy furniture to look at for reference to get the perspective right. (I can’t WAIT to go over to her house to play.)

Cathy’s funny, poignant story of how she became a cartoonist brought tears to my eyes.
Here is the quick drawing she did of Cathy:

And here’s why she explained you never see Cathy in profile:

This is Terri’s quick self portrait:


And here is Pajama Diaries cartoon of hers I will never, ever forget:


She broke the bedroom barrier on the comics page! As far as I know, she is the first. Here’s her blog post about it.

Btw, you can see more cool pics of the everyone drawing on Terri’s blog.

And speaking of sex, here is Jen’s drawing of her sometimes alter ego Drooly Julie:



If you haven’t seen her editorial strip Slowpoke, you must!
Thanks for tuning in!


3 thoughts on “My School Girl Crushes, Plus a Survey

  1. I love Hilary Price’s work. I keep thinking here’s another favorite. How does she do it so well so often?

  2. Ha! the King Brothers! Back in the 80s I went to one of their 40th birthday parties in Malibu. There were 350 guests and roughly 349 of them were famous. Yours Truly being the exception, of course. Anywaaaay… I LOVE your cartoons and sometimes include one in the snail-mail humour printouts I send to my parents in England.

  3. Survey taken.

    I DO subscribe to a newspaper that has your cartoon in it (The Boston Globe), but I do most of my reading online, partly because my eyesight is poor, and I can enlarge the screen but can’t enlarge the newspaper.

    Your comic is my favorite by far. As someone who’s been called “weird” all of my life, I’m impressed that you manage to be so CHARMINGLY weird in your strip. 🙂

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